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Tornado Resistant Wood Doors

Ambico is proud to be the first to market a tornado resistant wood doors with steel frames. This state of the art product is the result of rigorous testing and industry leading design. Ambico tornado resistant wood doors and steel frames combine the ultimate in wind and debris resistance and yet appear identical to standard wood doors and pressed steel frames. Wood Doors and steel frames have been tested as a unit and are available to be supplied with a lock or exit device factory pre-installed.

S5000 Storefront Exit Device

SDC’s S5000 is a heavy duty, code compliant alternative to magnetic locks for storefronts requiring durability, superior aesthetics and smooth operation. This UL305 panic-rated exit device is American Made, featuring all metal construction that is particularly suited to aluminum glass entrances for both manual and automated door openings. The S5000 comes with motorized electric latch retraction pre-installed, making its application as easy as Install – Power – Done.

XS4 Original+ ANSI

The Salto XS4 Original+ is designed to fit most ANSI profile doors, mortise, cylindrical and tubular locks. Easy to install and retrofit, it can replace your existing door hardware and fits any door with a broad range of different models and functions. The XS4 Original+ incorporates the latest BLUEnet wireless and mobile credentials technology to accommodate access control needs of both today and tomorrow.

Bathroom Partitions Get Updated

Special-Lite Bathroom Partitions have a foundation as solid as our reputation. Our flagship pebble grain FRP Hybrid door has dominated the K-12 market for years by providing ideal entryway solutions for tough environments. About a decade ago, we brought that same reliability indoors. We combined our FRP skins featuring our SpecLite 3 surface sealant and aluminum extrusions for optimal strength with a closed cell foam core. Today, what we have on the market is engineered for bathrooms, communal shower rooms, privacy screens, and more.

North America Meets Ermetika’s Metal Pocket Door Systems

This new generation metal pocket door solution from Italian manufacturer Ermetika SRL offers builders a practical self-contained kit system that is unlike any other pocket door solution in the market. Thanks to its practical snap-together assembly our systems are quick and easy to assemble, shortening installation times and reducing labour costs. Our Galvanized Steel systems can be assembled on any flat surface and produce a finished product that is built to last.

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Vendor Highlight

Enhance Entrance Security

Many facilities, such as Educational and Healthcare, improve building entry control with each renovation
or new construction project. Special-Lite® Doors can support your improvement efforts by providing
discreet access control. We locate a low-profile proximity card reader* behind the fiberglass face sheet.
This proximity card reader prep can be ordered as an option in all Special-Lite® FRP/Aluminum Hybrid
doors, and also in our SL-484 FRP Mid-Panel option on the SL-14 and SL-15 Doors.

Out of Sight Means Out of Harm’s Way

Simply swipe the credential over the surface of the door above
the pull and listen for the sound of the beep or electric strike
release. Internal mounting keeps the reader out of sight, out of
the weather, and out of reach of vandals, to improve security and
protect the card reader unit. Our fibreglass face sheet materials
do not interfere with the operation of prox readers, so read range
is unaffected. Internal reader installation requires the use of an
electric hinge or EPT, available from Special-Lite or by other.

Benefits of Internal Mounting

Only individuals issued credentials are aware of reader
  inside door
Reader protected from tampering, vandalism and weather
Eliminates reader installation on exterior wall or entrance
For FRP/Hybrid doors, the reader is accessible for service
  through the lock stile door edge as depicted in the photos.
The reader can be used on our aluminum stile and rail doors    (SL-14, SL-15) when these doors have our SL-484 FRP Mid
Panel. In these cases, and to accommodate potential recessed pulls, the reader is placed through the HINGE STILE and located on the HINGE SIDE of the Mid Panel.


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World-leading smart locking performance | XS4 Original+ ANSI

SALTO has introduced the XS4 Original+, the next generation of the world’s most flexible and reliable smart locking solution that features a beautiful design with a sleek flat reader in two new colors. The new SALTO XS4 Original+ takes the trusted and proven flagship XS4 Original electronic lock product family and incorporates the latest technology to accommodate access control needs of both today and tomorrow.

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