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Design Services

Our Design Services options can be applied to projects at any stage, design, tender, active or post construction.


Physical Security Planning Strategies

Architectural Opening Product Specifications

  • Standard and Specialized Doors, Frames,
  • Architectural Builders Hardware,
  • Electric Locking Systems,
  • Access & Egress Control System, and Integration

Project Management, Procurement

  • Distant / Site Related Consulting
  • Review of Submitted Shop Drawings, Cost Proposals, Budgets, Value Engineering
  • Keying and Security System Development
  • Best Practice Pre-installation & Commissioning,
  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance on Active or Post Construction Projects.

Pre & Post Occupancy - Life Cycle Services

  • On-site Assessments & Inspections – Design, Development, Retrofits or Code Compliancy or Upgrades
  • Security, Fire and Egress Door Inspections
  • Life Safety and Door Security Risk Assessments
  • Installation Review & Verifications

Sector Services

Design Services are provided by licensed Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC), certified Fire Door Assembly Inspector (FDAI) of the Doors and Hardware Institute (DHI). Additionally, our team members include (EHC) Electrical Hardware Consultants, and certified installation crews.

Our package offers consulting, recommended practices and knowledge-based services which we extend to our stakeholders, including architects, engineers, designers, contractors, suppliers and end users.

Our experience includes built environment sectors as




Entertainment/Sports Facilities

Schools (K-12), Colleges/Universities

Utilities/Critical Infrastructure

Workforce Housing

Multi-Family Residential

Ultimately our provided design services & product solutions are to ensure products meet all life safety, building and fire code requirements, application, function, and quality standards, representing the vested interests of you our client. We pride ourselves on being aware and involved with the latest product trends and advancements, which we will recommend where these bests apply to your facility.

Our Product Solutions offering includes

  • Specialty Doors & Frames
  • Architectural/Builders Hardware
  • Access / Egress Control Electric Locking Systems
  • Access Control Systems

Today, a door is more than just a point of entry, safe secure openings start with FIRE & LIFE SAFETY compliancy, the many layers of SECURITY, by a traditional key, electric locking ACCESS CONTROL, plus OPERATIONAL features; lockdown, barrier free, hands free, biometrics, specialized accessibility or.. the DESIGN segment of the vision

As we begin to look at our personal and business reset after the global pandemic, many things will change as well be conducted in a different manner.

As a member of the Door and Security Professional Industry, we continue to embrace and experience many new solutions that will soon become the standard of acceptance to help support safety, security, compliancy supporting the user needs for function and operations.

How we move through an opening, a swinging, sliding or overhead door, an elevator, or even your place of work or personal use, the need for less contact will be more apparent.

The entries and exits to a building and the variety of access points within it (offices, conference rooms, elevators, lockers, restrooms, closets, utility rooms, etc.) are arguably the single most valuable locations a business will manage.

For businesses that have not adopted a modern access control management solutions (Access as a solution), there has never been a better reason or a more compelling moment in time than nowwhen the health and wellness of occupants from many angles is paramount.

The progression of automated barrier free entry, now prevalent in most buildings, the need for contactless solutions to reduce the touching surface such as pulls and lever handles. The emergence of key-less solutions now compliments these needs by providing movement through secure points by hard credentials, and the ever evolving mobile solutions. Now the introduction of Technology and Platform Integrations that not only create a enhanced site experience for the frequent user and facility management, also support brief or long term visitor journey from entry to point landing.

As our goal is to provide a complete solution that provides security, functionality, flexibility, usability along with code compliancy. We are here to assist in the design of your system from a simplified option onward to a fully integrated application.

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves. This submittal provides you our client an example of our services and capabilities.

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