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Since 1990, DDL Group has operated in the Architectural Openings Marketplace with integrity and professionalism striving to be the leading provider of architectural, security, fire and life safety product solutions. Through our value added service package, we include specialized consulting, security, fire and egress door inspections along with our marketing alliances our key product solution providers.


Dbolt Touch is finally here, and it's everything we wanted.

Introducing SALTO’s latest smart locking innovation for multi-family residential market security – the SALTO DBolt Touch smart deadbolt

Reasons to choose the SALTO DBolt Touch

– Cost-effective, quick, and easy installation standalone battery-powered smart lock that upgrades a traditional mechanical deadbolt key-operated door lock without having to replace the door and with no hardwiring required. Grade 2 deadbolt.

– Keyless and mobile entry. Create a secure entryway into a smarter home. Utilize multiple keyless entry options. With powerful RFID/NFC and BLE technology inside, residents and staff can use mobile or physical RFID smart credentials.

– Advanced user PIN Code. Create permanent or temporary entry codes.

– Activity logs. Easily monitor who is coming and going from your residence. Run activity logs that note every time the door is locked and/or unlocked.

– SVN stand-alone networked locking system. Powered by Data-on-Card SALTO core technology.

– BLUEnet wireless ready. Advanced connectivity and SVN-Flex ready, extend your system capabilities across any door and user access profile.

– JustIN Mobile access compatibility. Fully bidirectional – JustIN Mobile NFC/BLE Digital Key, and Apple Wallet.

– Apple Wallet. Distribute digital keys, enabling compatible iPhone and Apple Watches to unlock SALTO smart locks without the need to download any SALTO app. – Robust and long-lasting smart locking solution available in 6 different finishes that blend into any type of property decor. – Cutting-edge hardware and communications security. Security and privacy are assured with end-to-end communications encryption.

Consulting Services

Door & Security

From engineered design through to final commisioning, DDL will lead your project to a safe and secure conclusion. With experience in all aspects of construction.

Fire Door & Pre-Occupancy

Educated as instructors and inspectors, we can asses fire and egress issues. As well as conduct and report at pre-occupancy and various stages of project completion.

Product Solutions

Experience and access to leading edge door hardware manufacturers, and premier industry solutions. We can solve all hardware challenges that arise.

Our experience includes built environment sectors as Education, Institutional, Industrial, Health Care, Government, Commercial, Residential and mixed use Multi-Family, offers consulting, recommended practices and knowledge based services which we extend to our stakeholders; including architects, engineers, designers, contractors, suppliers and end users. We continue to strive to lead the industry in successful project completions.



Partner Workshops

Adaptive Setting (30-45Min) Online or In Person

Product and Project Specific

Focal Points Include

Product Orientation and Knowledge

Information Sourcing (Data Sheets, Installation, Detail Form)

Product Model Nomenclature

Specification Development

Best Practice Processing (Detailing, Ordering, Timing, Receiving)

Installation Turnover and Commissioning when Required

Goal is to create a Win-Win successful outcome

Product Excellence


We represent carefully selected products from leading edge door & security manufacturers.

We pride ourselves on partnering with key manufacturers that provide the finest of quality of products, options and functions, and custom applications unique to your facility needs.

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