Annual Inspections Can Streamline Safety-Code Compliance

We realize the importance of selecting the right products, but if not installed and maintained properly, this can introduce functionality issues, unknown security breaches or even worse, Fire and Life Safety Code violations.

Ever question why a fire extinguisher or smoke detector is required to be inspected and documented yearly, however something critical in a crisis situation like a fire or egress door presently does not? Contact DDL to find out more about our comprehensive inspection package solution for your building. Raise the benchmark by making your building safe and secure!

The following items are most commonly observed deficiencies found on swinging fire doors with builders hardware:

  • Painted or missing fire door labels
  • Hardware interfering with the door function
  • Fire door assembly blocked by objects
  • Doors not labeled for use as fire exits
  • Bottom flush bolts do not project into strike
  • Fire doors blocked to stay open
  • Kick down door holders
  • Broken, defective or missing hardware
  • Missing or incorrect fasteners
  • Poor clearance dimensions

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Security Inspection

Security inspections can be vital to the integrity of your facility. Focusing on access points to, from and within the facility, traffic flow of people, unknown security breaches, and areas of containment, this inspection will provide valuable recommendations for the safety and security of the people, property and products in your building.

We will go as deep as required from outside doors all the way down to access control on server cabinet doors, get the security, transparency, and audit capability you want from your building

Fire & Egress Door Inspection

Fire and Egress inspections are key to keeping a path of escape for the people in your building in emergency situations.

In addition they confirm the integrity of the operation of doors and hardware in the overall building fire system design, highlighting areas that need immediate attention and upgrades. We are fully certified are Fire Door Assembly Inspectors FDAI, and perform at the highest level.

Life & Fire Safety, Occupancy Inspections

The people in your building are the only reason it was built in the first place, this inspection is designed to keep those people safe while in your building.

With strict adherence to Fire, Life Safety and Building Codes, you will get a detailed report on how to keep your building safe for all users and fully code compliant. Raise the safety level of your building, and stand out as a leader and as example property in your region.