Architectural Openings Design Services

Our Design Services can be applied to projects at any stage.

Pre-Tender/Design Process

  • Physical Security Planning Strategies
  • Architectural Opening Product Specifications for Standard and Specialized Doors, Frames, Architectural Builders Hardware, Electric Locking Systems, Access & Egress Control System, and Integration

Active & Post Tender Services

  • Distant / Site Related Consulting
  • Review of Submitted Shop Drawings, Cost Proposals, Budgets, Value Engineering
  • Keying And Security System Development
  • Best Practice Pre-installation & Commissioning, Troubleshooting & Maintenance On Active or Post Construction Projects.

Pre & Post Occupanc Life Cycle Services

  • On-site Assessments & Inspections – Design, Development, Retrofits Or Code Compliancy Or Upgrades
  • Security, Fire And Egress Door Inspections
  • Life Safety And Door Security Risk Assessments
  • Installation Review & Verification


  • Electric Locking Consulting: Convenience, control and security are the focus of electronic locking devices.
  • Architectural Hardware: Your building only gets one chance to make a first impression and that happens as the enter your door.
  • Door Security Specification Writing: Improper door hardware can be the cause of operation shut downs, fire safety infractions & even loss of life situations.


  • Security Inspection – They’re vital to the integrity of your facility with recommendations for the safety.
  • Fire & Egress Door Inspection – Our inspections are key to keeping a path of escape for the people in your building in an emergency.
  • Life & Fire Safety, Occupancy Inspections – Strict adherence to Fire, Life Safety and Building Codes. Raise the safety of your building.

Architectural Security Experts

Our goal is to be the leading provider of architectural, security, fire and life safety product solutions. provider of architectural.


Executive Level Management and Ownership since 1983.

Technology Focused

Up-to-date with the latest product trends and advancements.

Enterprise Security Product Solutions

Ultimately our provided product solutions are to ensure products meet all life safety, building and fire code requirements, application, function, and quality standards, representing the vested interests of you our client.

We pride ourselves on being aware and involved with the latest product trends and advancements, which we will recommend where these best apply to your facility.